Your State Budget Update

Your State Budget Update

On Tuesday 4 September, the Marshall Liberal Government marked a significant milestone in our commitment to create more jobs, lower costs and provide better services for South Australians. After 16 years of financial mismanagement, we are cleaning up Labor’s mess and returning the budget to a sustainable position.

We are also delivering on our election commitments. Of particular interest to the residents of Elder, we’re delivering on all of our local election promises including:

  • Reactivating the Repat: Terminated Labor’s sale of the site and ensuring it is maintained as a genuine health precinct.
  • MarionLife Community Centre: Funding for the Marion Life Community Centre to provide care and support to individuals and families in need.
  • CC Hood Reserve: Partnering with the City of Mitcham to build toilet facilities at CC Hood Reserve in Panorama
  • New Glenthorne National Park: Bringing together land in our southern suburbs to form Adelaide’s second National park, turning it into a thriving environment and recreational precinct.
  • GlobeLink Masterplan: Developing a GlobeLink Masterplan which will ease traffic congestion, investigate safe and efficient movement of freight and improve access to export markets.
  • Tonsley Train Station: Undertaking detailed planning to increase access to public transport for residents along the Tonsley line.
  • Sport vouchers for primary school students: Providing families with $100 sports vouchers for primary school aged children.
  • Women’s Memorial Playing Fields: Delivering improved facilities at the Women’s Memorial Playing Fields at St Marys, including new clubrooms, women’s change rooms and improved training fields.
  • North-South Corridor: Undertaking a business case on the delivery on the North-South Corridor between the River Torrens and Anzac Highway, Anzac Highway and Tonsley Boulevard to ensure a safe and efficient transport corridor for all.
  • Happy Valley Reservoir: Opening up the Happy Valley Reservoir for recreational activities including walking, cycling, kayaking, sailing and fishing.
  • Literacy Guarantee: Improving education outcomes for our students with the biggest investment in schools by any State Government in South Australian history in a single State Budget.

On top of delivering on these promises for our local community, families and businesses will benefit from major tax reforms including a $360 million reduction in the Emergency Services Levy and the abolition of payroll tax for small businesses from 1 January 2019.

Over 20,000 new apprenticeships and traineeships will be created to ensure South Australians are job-ready and able to capitalise on future industries such as defence and the $90 million naval shipbuilding program.

In March, the people of South Australia voted for the Liberal Party’s Strong Plan for Real Change - this budget delivers on this plan.

To learn more about the South Australian State Budget 2018-19, click here.