Priority: Successful Students

Education creates a pathway to a better standard of living. We need to see education as a lifelong process, with opportunities for people to participate in education at various points in their life. Access to quality education and training to develop the knowledge and skills for the jobs of today, and the jobs of the future is crucial. 

We need teachers who are inspired and inspiring, who can excite and be excited about the learning journey they share with their students. As parents, grandparents, employers, workers, neighbours and friends we are all teachers and learners. 

Soon our future year seven students will join our secondary schools bringing our education system in line with the rest of the country. This will be an exciting change and challenge for the schools in our community. 

At a local level, in the first 12 months I have:  

  • Co-hosted an online safety and cyber bullying forum, with The Carly Ryan Foundation, to support parents, grandparents and carers to gain a better understanding of online dangers for children and young people
  • Attended and/or presented awards at the graduation ceremonies for many of the local schools 
  • Launched the STEM facility at Clapham Primary School with the Minister for Education, Hon John Gardner MP
  • Coordinated an art competition for students, showcasing the winning designs on my Christmas Card
  • Hosted tours of Parliament House for primary school children
  • Volunteered at the Strawberry Fair at Edwardstown Primary School to help raise funds.

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