Promises made, promises delivered

Promises made, promises delivered

Since the election, the Marshall Government has been able to deliver on the promises it made to South Australians.

More jobs

✓ $202.6 million to create an additional 20,800 apprentices and trainees

✓ $11.3 billion in infrastructure spending to build new roads and deliver key infrastructure projects

✓ $157.2 million to abolish payroll tax for all small businesses and $95.9 million in land tax relief to allow businesses to grow and invest with confidence

✓ $12.8 million to establish five new trade offices to drive exports and job creation

Lower costs

✓ $360 million reduction in Emergency Services Levy bills, for more than 650,000 properties

✓ Capping NRM levies from 1 July 2019 and changing the way our natural resources are managed

✓ $4.9 million to abolish the $59.40 fee payable for volunteer screening checks

✓ $184 million to improve energy market reliability and make electricity bills more affordable for households and businesses

Better services

✓ Over $1.2 billion in health spending, including investing in regional hospitals and reactivating The Repat

✓ $692 million to upgrade and modernise school infrastructure and a $515 million increase in education spending

✓ $22.2 million to extend police station opening hours, to fund solicitors to undertake certain prosecutions, implement a new staffing model in metropolitan police stations and create a new counter terrorism and rapid response team.

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