Let me know your thoughts on the Pasadena Biodiversity Recreation Trail

15 Oct 2020 environment
Let me know your thoughts on the Pasadena Biodiversity Recreation Trail

Your suburb of Pasadena is about to be enriched with a Pasadena Biodiversity Recreation Trail.


Creating green spaces which help to enhance the lives of everyday South Australians and support local communities to thrive is a priority for the Marshall Liberal Government.

That's why, we are helping to fund the Pasadena Biodiversity Recreation Trail which will improve the biodiversity, sustainability and amenity of Branson, Sierra Nevada and Grant Jacob Reserves in Pasadena.

The project will redirect stormwater flows from the underground drainage pipes within the reserves to the surface to create a lush, green, passively irrigated recreation space that creates a biodiversity corridor linking the Hills to the Plains.

Upgrades will improve accessibility for the community by connecting the reserves into the adjacent streets, linking footpaths and trails and providing walking surfaces, with solar lighting for night safety along the path.

This project will be delivered by the City of Mitcham. Proposed plans for the trail are available here.

If you would like to provide feedback on the plan, please let me know as I will be meeting with Council about this exciting new project and will ensure your feedback is considered. Please don’t hesitate to email or phone my office on 8374 1939, to share your views about this or any other State matter.