New Glenthorne National Park

New Glenthorne National Park

We are so lucky in Adelaide to be surrounded by beautiful, lush, green spaces. It has never been more important to actively look to preserve and protect our native flora and fauna. 

The Marshall Liberal Government have committed $10 million over four years to create a new National Park - Glenthorne National Park. 

This project will bring together discrete packages of land in Adelaide's South, including O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park, Marino Conservation Park, Hallett Cove Conservation Park, Happy Valley Reservoir, and the Field River valley. The total land area will amount to over 1,500 hectares, bigger than Belair National Park. 

Based on community engagement and consultation, the park will include many picnic areas, heritage building preservation, walking and cycling trails, opportunities for recreational water sports including kayaking and fishing, and 200 hectares of native revegetation, creating an urban forest to be enjoyed for generations to come. 

To learn more about the project, and how to get involved, click here.