Media release: A Place of Courage for survivors of domestic violence

23 Aug 2021
Media release: A Place of Courage for survivors of domestic violence

South Australians will soon be able to observe respect for survivors of domestic, family and sexual violence and honour and remember those who lost their lives through a new public tribute at Tulya Wardli / Bonython Park.

The Place of Courage is being designed as one of Australia’s first public tributes to the survivors of domestic and family violence.

Premier Steven Marshall said that the Marshall Liberal Government is pleased to be contributing up to $100,000 in matched funding with City of Adelaide towards this commemorative public artwork.

“The Place of Courage is being created as a space to offer comfort, reflection and healing for anyone impacted by domestic and family violence,” said the Premier.

“I congratulate Spirit of Woman on having a location approved for The Place of Courage and look forward to seeing their vision upon its completion.

“It will be an important and constant reminder to everyone in the community that we condemn domestic abuse, and there is never a place for violence in our homes, or anywhere in society.”

Assistant Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention, Carolyn Power MP, says the artwork will help to raise public awareness and prompt much needed dialogue to shift domestic abuse from a private experience to a public issue.

“The Place of Courage is being designed as a beacon of hope and strength for those who have been impacted by violence, and a physical call for change to the discourse about domestic violence,” said the Assistant Minister.

“It will be a public acknowledgement that while domestic and family violence still exists it will not be ignored, and we will stand strong and united until it ends.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is proud to be supporting The Place of Courage and Helen Oxenham’s lifelong efforts to create a place of safety, awareness and healing.”

The Place of Courage is the vision of Helen Oxenham, who has been a leading local advocate against domestic violence since the 1970s, when she opened Adelaide’s first women’s shelter at Christies Beach. Her not-for-profit organisation Spirit of Woman has been established with the goal of creating The Place of Courage.

Helen Oxenham says this an important milestone for The Place of Courage.

“It is a significant moment for us to have the City of Adelaide and the State Government join forces in recognition of providing the first steps with providing funding towards The Place of Courage permanent public art space,” she said.

“After five years we can now represent the community willingness to share the burden of pain, to act, engage and remember the reality of domestic and family violence that has happened and continues to happen.

“This memorial is a permanent public symbol that says to victim survivors we believe you, we stand with you, you are not alone.”

A Tulya Wardli / Bonython Park location, adjacent to the existing model boat lake, has been approved by the City of Adelaide. Spirit of Woman is now working with City of Adelaide to develop an artist’s brief specific to this location.

The organisation will also be fundraising for The Place of Courage. For more information, visit: