Launching the Heritage Standards for Colonel Light Gardens

29 Apr 2021 community
Launching the Heritage Standards for Colonel Light Gardens

Today we officially launch the Heritage Standards for Colonel Light Gardens, which enhance the heritage protections of the State Heritage Listed Area preserving it as the beautiful, world-renowned model garden suburb we all know and love.


In response to the introduction of a new planning system for South Australia, the State Government has reviewed and updated the standards for Colonel Light Gardens. This included extensive consultation with local residents and key stakeholders, with the final document reflecting community feedback.

As your State Member of Parliament I worked closely with Dr Christine Garnaut - Adjunct Associate Research Professor in Planning and Architectural History, the CLG Residents' Association, and local residents who have a personal passion for the suburb to help shape the document. To them I say a heartfelt thank you for their time and their expertise.

Thank you also to those who attended my local street corner meeting in Mortlock Park and provided feedback.

Colonel Light Gardens has significant historical and community value. From its tree lined streets, Californian bungalows and State Bank homes to its park like environment, I hear firsthand how passionate local residents are about the suburb.

As a statutory instrument under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, the standards will be used as an assessment tool linked to the State Heritage Area Overlay in the Planning and Design Code.

These Heritage Standards better preserve the historic garden suburb, and act as model framework for other State Heritage Areas.

You can download a copy of the Heritage Standards by clicking here. I highly recommend you read the 'History' section of the document, which was kindly written by Dr Garnaut, and as a resident you will no doubt find of interest.