Priority: Healthy Residents

There are so many ways that we can have an influence over our health at the local level. Health is about so much more than hospitals, doctors and medicines.

Our homes, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the spaces we have to run, walk and play, our jobs and our social networks are all so important to living well. However, when ill health happens, dependable and reliable health care services are needed. That is why when you told us that the Repat should not be closed and sold, we listened. The Repat is being revived and represents one of the most significant achievements for our local area. 

At a local level in the first 12 months, we have: 

  • Terminated Labor's contract to sell the Repat 
  • Reopened the hydrotherapy pool
  • Actively worked with the community to develop a master plan
  • Opened 20 new long stay beds at the Repat 
  • Allocated $39 million to reactivate the site
  • Secured Federal funding for brain and spinal injury rehabilitation, and a specialised Dementia Care Unit.

A community of healthy residents is a shared goal - that's for you and me, and our neighbours. Lets stay active, engaged and look out for our vulnerable friends and folks over the back fence.

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