Great news! Unley zone to expand and Springbank to remain to open

03 Jul 2020 education
Great news! Unley zone to expand and Springbank to remain to open

I am delighted to let you know that the Marshall Liberal Government will be rezoning the Springbank Secondary College zone to Unley High School.


Further, Springbank Secondary College will remain open and become an unzoned high school for students who want a specialised, small school environment.

Families in the area who have expressed their strong desire to join the Unley High School zone, so that their children can be guaranteed a place there, will naturally be very happy and relieved.

Families at Springbank Secondary College will also be pleased and the school will benefit from a $10 million infrastructure investment which will support the school’s pursuit of excellence in its focus areas.

This is a fantastic outcome for all families in our community.

This outcome is the result of the three month Education Review that has just taken place for our area.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this consultation process, and I assure you that your views were passed on to the Minister for Education.

After careful and thorough consideration of the reviews findings, along with all the submissions put forward (including my own), today the Minister for Education announced the existing Springbank zone will be incorporated into the Unley High School zone from 2021.

Throughout the review process, it was my priority to ensure the diverse views in our community were heard and represented.

There were passionate views on either side of this debate, and as your local member of State Parliament, I am committed to advocating for the best educational outcomes for students in our community.

I look forward to keeping you up-to-date and continuing to be your strong advocate.