Priority: Effective Infrastructure

We want infrastructure that will contribute to liveability, affordability, productivity, creativity and, as a result, economic growth.

As a Government, we are committed to improving all the infrastructure that feeds our economy and delivers efficiencies to make getting to work, school and around easier, quicker and safer. We need to dissolve and resolve structures that bottleneck and stifle. We want infrastructure that is innovative and fills us with a sense of pride as South Australians. 

There are several infrastructure projects in the pipeline that are promising to benefit you, your family and our local area. This includes funding and planning to unblock the Springbank Road intersection congestion. 

Renovations with a different focus are well underway at the Repat and as our year seven students transition to being included into secondary schools there will be infrastructure spending to support that change. 

Information is key. I want to use all my communication channels to ensure that, as part of our community here in Elder, you know what is being planned, funded and built, and you have the opportunity to have your say. 

At a local level in the first 12 months, I have: 

  • Convened three Community Forums, with the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, specifically focused on reactivating the Repat
  • Co-hosted two Community Forums, with the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, regarding the Springbank and Daws Road intersection and the Tonsley Railway Station 
  • Launched the Fix Springbank Road campaign with Parliamentary colleagues at both a State and Federal level
  • Held 12 street corner meetings, with Nicolle Flint MP, Federal Member for Boothby. 

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