Cheaper water bills - find out how much you will save

01 Jul 2020 cost of living
Cheaper water bills - find out how much you will save

Get ready for cheaper water bills from today!


We heard from South Australians, such as yourself, that you wanted a Government who would work to reduce your cost of living expenses. That is exactly what we have done, finding and implementing ways to get your hard-earned money back in your pocket.

From 1 July 2020, significant discounts to water prices will begin, with household water bills dropping by an average of $200 per annum.

This comes as a result of our revision in the way SA Water bills are calculated, following an independent inquiry showing that for years the former Labor Government had ‘cooked the books’ and falsely inflated the price of water.   

If you want to get an idea as to how much cheaper your water bill will be, check out SA Water’s savings calculator at 

Our work to reduce the price of water bills builds on a range of cost of living reduction strategies including: 

  • reduction of the Emergency Services Levy by an average of $150 per household 
  • expanded school sports voucher scheme worth $100 per child 
  • cheaper car rego through lower CTP costs 
  • free volunteer screening checks.  

We will continue to build on these initiatives, working to reduce the cost of living and the cost of doing business in South Australia.