Cheaper ESL bills are arriving

25 Oct 2018 cost of livingnews
Cheaper ESL bills are arriving

During the election campaign, the cost of living was an issue raised with me time and time again by members of our community of all ages.

To combat the rising costs of living, we made a number of policy announcements targeting key household charges, including the Emergency Service Levy (ESL).

Many home owners are receiving their newly reduced bill this month and households are saving around $150 per year. Have you received your bill yet and noticed how much cheaper it is this year?

I am pleased to be delivering on our strong plan for real change, putting money back into the pockets of families, pensioners and other hard working South Australians.

There will be no negative impact from these changes on the level of funding that will be provided to emergency services agencies to ensure they can continue to provide their vital services to South Australians and to keep our community safe.