Priority: Capable Communities

We want our communities to experience undiminished capacity where everyone can contribute. Our communities will be unified but not uniform, where the richness in our diversity is highly prized. 

We want communities that are strong in spirit, with a shared vision for the future and how we want to be with each other in the present. We want to plan for the now and dream for the next generation. 

We want communities where groups of residents are able to find meaning in something greater than themselves, where neighbors look out for each other. When our imagination is fuelled by a common purpose and necessity is partnered with courage, we can each be the change we want to see.

In the first 12 months I have:

  • Partnered with Dementia Australia to host a seniors forum to explore how we can become a dementia friendly community
  • Hosted monthly 'Coffee Catch Ups' to provide you the opportunity to share your ideas at an informal, open meeting 
  • Convened an event for new citizens and residents in Elder at Parliament House, providing insight into our democratic traditions and the importance of our individual contribution in shaping local communities and our democracy
  • Supported local groups, such as Cumberland Park Neighbourhood Watch, sporting clubs and MarionLIFE in the great work they do. 

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