Priority: Abundant Jobs

We want and need jobs for all, no age or stage ignored. Jobs that provide us and our families with security, aspiration and a stake in our community.

Jobs are about more than just statistics and figures - it is about giving South Australians the dignity of work and the chance of a better life. It is about creating opportunities where workers want to show up, dive in and stay at it. It is about unleashing talents and building reservoirs of skills and knowledge.


Jobs provide us the chance to take pride in the things we make and the things we do. We are proud of our local products, local services, local people and places.

Creating an abundance of meaningful jobs means creating a state where people, businesses and companies want to establish roots and invest. It means creating environments for entrepreneurship with support for the sensible risk-taker.

At a State level, the Marshall Liberal Government has delivered numerous significant reforms that will lead to job creation, including a reduction in payroll tax. At a local level, I am working to support local businesses and held my inaugural small business networking event in my electorate office in June 2018. 




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