#CoolerGreener Adelaide Community Workshops Resilient South

#CoolerGreener Adelaide Community Workshops Resilient South
When: 05 Feb 2020
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Domain Theatre, Marion Cultural Centre
287 Diagonal Rd
Oaklands Park, SA 5046

Water Sensitive SA in partnership with the Resilient South, Adapt West, Resilient East, Adapting Northern Adelaide climate change adaptation programs and the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities is hosting community workshops to build on the Cooler, greener Adelaide event held in March last year.

Attendees will leave the workshops with a greater understanding of the Planning and Design Code and in particular the types of development permitted under the new Code, what level of green cover and canopy cover we can expect, how much of a site can be covered by hard surfaces and how excess stormwater generated from new developments will be managed.

At the workshop, participants will be able to view and comment on a series of development scenarios that represent business as usual development, development that just passes the new policy (proposed minimum standards), and development that goes beyond minimum standards for enhanced greening, stormwater management and amenity.